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thumbWhen most people need to get a group of people to a destination they usually start looking charter buses. Charter bus services are one of the best ways to beat the rising costs of fuel. Charter bus Phoenix booking shouldn't be a hassle and you've probably heard horror stories about booking charter bus Phoenix trips through other companies. Our company was founded first and foremost on good service and safety of our customers, that's why after a first trip, our first time customers become long time clients and don't switch to other charter bus companies.

Our charter buses are fully equipped with high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV, DVD players and CD players to make sure all our groups are riding in comfort while enjoying the sites Phoenix has to offer you. Traveling with a charter bus Phoenix makes planning a group outing easier and fun, making sure everyone is traveling together and their main concern is to sit back, relax and have a good time.

When visiting Phoenix you and your group will have many options of places to visit. There are a significant number of museums in the Phoenix area. The largest museum in the southwest and the crown jewel of the Valley is the Phoenix Art Museum which contains over 17,000 works. The world acclaimed Heard Museum features a myriad of Native American cultures and art. The Museum of History is located in Downtown Phoenix. Another place to visit is The Arizona Science Center museum that features futuristic architecture and attempt to turn learning into fun. Your next stop can be at The Arizona State Fair, where you can enjoy food, games, crafts, livestock and agriculture.

Plan to spend a day with the animals, over 1200 of them (including many endangered species), at the Phoenix Zoo. Your group must visit the area's fabulous shopping malls, unique boutiques, and antique shops. Another place that you and your group will find interesting is the Deer Valley Rock Art Center. On a 47-acre site in Phoenix, there are carvings more than 1500 petroglyphs, or rock etchings, along an ancient trade route. Between 500 and 5000 years old, these pictographs have an unknown meaning but may relate to hunting, religion, astronomy, or intertribal communication. After an exciting day of many sites you and your group will want to enjoy a nice meal. Phoenix has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

If you need to get a group of people to Phoenix or anywhere in the country, then choose to hire a charter bus and call us to speak with one of our trained representatives. It's quick and easy to get a quote for your travel. You need to only tell us where you want to go, when you want to go and how many people you need to transport. After one time you will realize to hire a charter bus Phoenix will make everyone’s life a lot easier.

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Oct 11, 2013 - Joining Phoenix’s Jerome Ghost Walk

If you are looking for something to do over the weekend of fall this year and have not found anything to do, perhaps joining in on the annual Jerome ghost walk would be fun for you and your kids. Your kids may not understand the significance of the walk because its roots lay all the way back to a time when Jerome was a bustling place for immigrants. It also tells of how Jerome got its name as the Wickedest Town in The West. It would make an interesting charter bus Phoenix visit, indeed.

You see, Jerome AZ was once the fourth largest communities in Arizona which boasts of a hilltop haven of more than fifteen thousand in population. People from all over the country and other parts of the world made their way to Jerome to find work and also perhaps, along the way, carve a new way of life for themselves and their loved ones. It became an American dream for these people...and fought they did.

Today, when you begin the walk with Jerome Historical Society, they will take you back in time by visiting some of the historical sites and buildings which bore significant meaning to those people back then. You will find yourself slipping back into the past, learning about how these people lived and perhaps learn a little bit more about how life was like for them. Indeed, during those times, the community faced one of the toughest and most rugged days of Arizona.

The society, being immensely proud of what they have been through and experienced, have a very special museum which is called the Jerome Historical Society’s Mine Museum located on a very prominent street in this part of the AZ. In this charter bus Phoenix landmark, you will get the chance to see interesting displays which showcases the life in Jerome from the beginning right through to the current day. It is just a very unique way for the society to preserve the past, remember them and appreciate what they have achieved so far.

Visitors can view over eleven thousand photos, maps of Jerome, newspaper clippings which tells you the whole story (it is amazing how well-maintained these pieces of history are) and if you have the time, slowly browse through archived documents.

From the walk and charter bus Phoenix visit, you will see how, half a century ago, Jerome was literally a ghost town that no one wanted to live in until the formation of Jerome Historical Society and the Mine Museum.

The attraction serves as a tourist magnet today because it is a true eye-opener for these visitors, especially visitors from abroad. We hope you will some an incredibly fun time with the folks from the society during your visit. For more information about the society, please visit jeromehistoricalsociety.com.


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